Sunday, August 8, 2010

Candy :D

Well, you wanna know how it all started?  ^_^
The story of Candy Candy starts off with a baby who was found by Sister Lyn and Miss Pony on the doorstep of an orphanage called pony's home one night.  They found out her name was Candice, but since she was found on a snowy evening, they called her Candice White, Candy for short.
Well, Candy basically grew up there.  While she was there she met a girl name Annie who was her age and they became best friends.  Candy and Annie both wished for parents, and one day, Annie's wish came true.
Annie was adopted when they were 6.  Candy and Annie both swore to keep in touch, until one day, Annie sent her a letter stating that her parents wanted her to start all over again and forget about her past, which meant, to not keep in touch with Candy anymore.
Well, Candy was sad, and I was sad too when a watched this part.  Anyways, Candy went to a hill to cry, until..
Someone came up behind her, and cheered her up.  It was a boy in a scottish outfit with a bagpipe.  Well, he cheered her up and she was happy again, and when Annie's letter blew away, Candy went to catch it, but when she looked back, the boy was gone..  but..  He left her a medallion which had the letter A printed on it.
Well...    She called him her prince on the hill.
One day Candy was adopted by the Lokas.
The Lokas told her that they needed a playmate for their children, Liza and neil.  Apparently, Liza and neil wasn't exactly looking for a playmate, so to make things worse, they teased Candy and do these evil things to her.. Candy was refered as the stable girl to them. Candy got in many fights with Neil and Liza, and whenever that happens, the Lokas just gave Candy more chores!
One day, when Candy was crying, she ran far away from the Loka's Home, and cried in front of a gate..  Then, she met a boy that resembeled her prince on the hill, but was not.  He was younger.  The boy cheered her up and dissapeared just like the prince.   She then met Archie and Stear, who were brothers.
One day, Candy hung out with Archie and Stear, and met that boy that was in front of the gate.  They were all dressed in a scottish outfit, and was all holding a bagpipe.  She then found out that his name was Anthony.
Anthony, Archie, and Stear grew close to Candy and they were all very good friends..  Especially Anthony..
Apparently, the 3 boys lived with this evil old woman called Grandma Aylo.  I hate her, so I call her the old witch.  Well, the old Witch didn't like Candy because she was an orphan, and she was always mean to Candy.
Um..  There are many things that happened to Candy, and there are many more characters such as Terry or Albert I haven't metioned..  But I don't really have the time to tell you everything..
If you want to read the manga, I suggest you go to Candy Site.  You can read the manga with the real scanned pictures from the book.
Sorry about this...
Um, the Back ground is also of Terry and Candy.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My First Time

I sat in my favourite couch. Smells of the dust and feels the sun shone through the windows. My mom and my dad waiting outside the house for me . I packed my things and stuffed inside my backpack. I took a sandwich along for a breakfast and fill my stomach and walk out from house for the last time. My heart pumped fastly and waiting to face the coming things to happen eventhough i exactly know what will happen. My dad keep my bags and belongings in the backseat. My mom and my dad smiled proudly as I shoved inside the car. My mind keep telling to stop at the moment. I tried to not to cry infront of them. I  keep looking at my only cat, Chelsea the grey persian cat. In my thought, he would die without me beside him. He is the only friends I have in this town. I keep my head down and feels sad. The engines start to roar and my dad drove to place where I will studied. That time were the baddest time I have ever had. I had to leave the only place I live in my 18-year-old. I will missed my home but I had to face the fact that I growing up and have to continue my studies. But now I saw my entire life away from me. I wish there will a nice thing happen to me like a magic.

In four hours of journey, we were arrived at the lobby of the college. All the new students rushed from time to time. Their parents sat under the canopy and the sweats run under their clothes till their clothes becomes wet. I look at their happy faces because maybe their only child got to study in a college. I was wondering how can they not try to understand my feelings as I have to leave my home and had to stay at the hostel where the college prepare for the new students. I hate this feeling. This is my first time I have to leave my parents, my cat and my bedroom. And this is my first time I had to follow other's rule where as in my life I could only follow my own rules. The soon we entered the lobby for the registration, I have to do it alone. All in my entire life, this is my first time I have to do it by my ownself. I watched my parents from where I stand. They looks happy.

My phone rang and I picked up my phone. It was my cousin, Mel. She was asking about my condition in here,college. I felt happy for awhile. After all the registration was done, My parents and I check in hostel and get a key for my bedroom. In a bedroom consists of three person. I was scared for not getting along with my new friends. A few minutes, there is two families come in to bedroom and I greeted them with a smile. I put my all my things in my new drawer. I smiled to two my new friends and they smiled back. There  is something nice about them. We try to introduce ourself. One of them that were long-haired with highlight on her hair was a good looking and nice. Her name was Milie. And the other one was a chubby girl yet stylish was named Tiara. Our families got to go back and we hug for a last time before they go back. I felt sad and lonely. I also felt scared with my new friends. What if I can not get along with them? What if I have been bullied by them? All my thoughts blewed away as I try to sleep after four hours of  long journey. I am not that kind of girl that will make friends in a minute. Then i fell asleep and waiting for tomorrow.

In the morning, I have tried to calmed myself in consistancy as I woke up. There is mist covered the windows. Cold wind blewed into our bedroom. It was raining outside. The two of my new friends take a breakfast for starting their day with comfortly. I took my toiletries and head up to toilet and clean up myself. After that, Tiara and Milie were asking about our planned for today. They decided to go shops and buy things for our bedroom. We shared our money for the things. Thank God my parents gave me before they left. I almost forgot for my pocket money. Yeah. That is why I hate to do it myself. I can not think for myself and let my parents do it for me. As we headed up to town and entered the only shop we could think at the moment and saw as we arrived by a taxi, we buy loads of thing and I, myself would not mention what we bought that day. It was all crap things.

The day past by slowly but now I can get along with my room-mates. They were the same as I am. They were nice and sometimes I do not really understands what they were talking about. As they were talking about boys, and something that only the adults could understand them. There is one night I cried and thinking about my parents, cat and my bed, they tried to cheer me up. Eventhough they did not know exactly what is my condition was but I do not mind. At least they are nice and tried not let me feel sad. Until now, we were  in a same bedroom and shared our problems together. That is all about my first time in my life away from my parents and ended up like this whereas, I am the one that kind of girl that out loud.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


hey yaw.well now here i am .

okay sedih tak boleh habiskan ayat di atas. jadi, kita berbicara dalam bahasa. saya NOR IZYAN ISMAIL terpaksa berbicara dalam bahasa disebabkan kecetekan saya untuk berbicara dalam bahasa inggeris. sudah beberapa bulan dan hari sudah saya tinggalkan bahasa inggeris.tidak mengapa, kita kena berbangga dengan bahasa kita sendiri. *sedih*
selepas ini saya akan baca banyak banyak banyak buku sehingga saya muntah. ENGLISH NOVELS-important!!

saya akan buktikan kepada semua orang, kepada satu dunia saya akan berbicara dalam bahasa inggeris-fluently!
frankly speaking, i'm eager to learn english now!

Monday, September 7, 2009

ouh c'monnnnnnnnn!

date : 07092009
day : monday ( nuzul Quran's Day)
event : supposely go out with my cousins!
problemo : no car X(!

hari ini nak shopping raya but then no car. my mom go out to send wedding card invitation. what a mess ma! okay, i hold on my tears after she revives the engine, but ohhhh there's
one drop

two drops

three.. and nahhh

okay okay. idk what's my mom's problemo. ugh i cant think about it. make me sick!
sedih sedih *sob sob. but then i studied add maths, whoa! seronok sgttttt. instead me going out, i study study study. best best best. then, one day blew up mcm tu shja w/o my stuff for raya. at the evening, i check my email in fb (facebook), then my friend postkan one url about chatting room. ouh so damn funny. its anyway. the net is about we chat witth strange people. yang pilih random people to we chat with the stranger. and wiwi (my bro) start the conversation. he try to be somebody else la. one of the fast and furious actor (fake). the stranger itu percaya bulat2. mcm stupid gila kot. haha. i laugh till i drop. because its damn funny. because the stranger tu from outside people (usa and etc). wiwi ckp "pemalas" and in eng wiwi translate kan to hardworking, the stranger tu percaya. LOL. cant stop laughing tht time.

okay okay. back to reality people. tmrrw i got exams. fiuhhhhh~ B.M babe! 2 papers. whoa! i like that because tak payah nak pikir smpi pecah kepala. haih~
so another 2 days i have adddmaths paper so these 2 days i have to more hardwork for addmaths. i've never been so hardworking people. haha.

so. take care people. toodles~ :D
but i ask wiwi after that to go out this weekend with alia, alisha, and alin. but he cant promise me. its okay. as long as i can go out with my cousins la.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

scared the most!

what to do guys? Trial is around the corner and i'm not prepare for anything.
yeah semangat! that's all i need now. :]

i'm scared. all ive heard is trial is more importnt than spm. haih -.-"!
dun ask me why. there's 2 weeks to go and maybe i can do whatever i got to do. pray for me.
and i pray for God. ouh plz let my heart open so that i can do my best in my trial.

today is 15th august. everyone out for mtv shout whatever stuffs and im stucking in my bedroom, using my bro's laptop to write something and i let it out now.
(yeah have fun guys :( )

uh-oh im not in the mood to go out or anything. im just get my bloody books and finish them before trial/spm. there's 1 week for hols and coming up school, ive trial and fasting 1 month and and about 2 weeks for raya (yay :D) and then spm. thank God! spm. I love spm :). ouh c'mon, just be positive guys XD! lots of thing to do,eh?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

worst,tired,unforgettable,annoying- DAY!

ouhhh long time i haven't writing anythibg since its like about maybe ermm idk. see i don't remmbr since when i stopped blogging. sorry guys.

there's many thing i want to tell u guys but i forgot odi la -.-"!

but anyway, the important thing is i just got my new ipod nano! yeay! from my daddy. i love u daddy. (okayy okay, love u too ma :) there's a lot of thing happened to me since last 2 weeks (i think). but first thing first is i just:

  1. bought new dvd twilight. ORI beb! okay..i know, i know its a bit annoying but i really addicted to TWILIGHT :D! whateva~..

  2. got new ipod. (pink).owh gosh.its a pink colour. okay..but thank god la, my dad xbeli purple one.ugly au. i ask him to buy the red one. the red one is COOL! but never mind.i still want the ipod la if warna pink pun hee hee.

  3. training softball. aiyo. its a first time kott hee hee. so its okay. at least i can lose my weight *weee* :D.

  4. homework. okay enough for that. i think my head is gonna explode. byk sgt homework. ada tuition,softball,school,budak gedik dkt sklh(i hate them so much).they make my day worst n worst. i hate to see their faces.i hate when they talked about me.they think they are good enough.whatever.GEDIK!

so,erm itu jer kot.hurgh penat la.feel sleepy now.*yawning* :O.

so wish me luck. what the hell am i talking? haha. its alright haha.

owh i dunno how to upload all the songs to ipod. so kuno la i ni kan :S

weeeee :D! love it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

crap! crap! crap!

hey yo! its been like a month i didn't write anything about me.

well now is a hols day. a week. i've been doing nuthing just sit at home and eat,sleep,wake up,eat,sleep. n i'm proud to be fat. (hee hee) hurghhh! but not now. i just read ppl's blog n they very semangat to lose their weight n what the ...!! just be urself la. huaaa. n i've been thnking tht i need to lose my weight too. whoaaa! i want to jog but xada kwn. sob..sob..! so hilang semangat nak kuruskan badan. my mom is like very busy with her "work" n either my family. obviously i'm alone (sedayy kott). my mom doesn't like to go shopping n jln2.unfortunately, I AM! i am kinda outdoorsy type of girl so sedayy la because no one to take me to jln2. but at least, last week i went to my cousin's house n sleepover there. there's so much fun than my house that had nuthing. just stuck in my room n doing nuthing. i hate to study alone. i'm not that type that can study 24/7 ALONE! so its been like crazy la kan.

kay kay..just forget about it. this hols i'm not going anywhere since my family xsuka berjalan2. its okay la if they don't. but it is very unfair because i can't go anywhere. well i'm SPM candidates n i know it is wrong for me to enjoy this year but HELLO, nak juga keluar drpd terperap jerrr (urghhhh)! okay okay.. take a deep breath n lepas..

so now, i want to go to my sangkar and study sampai LEBAM, n get a flying colours. and and i want to lose weight too with.. err i dunno, jogging kot. but next time la. tak ada kwn nk teman and semua bahagia di samping keluarga sekarang.

well currently i keep my savings for buy Twilight CD's on 21'st march (yeaaah!). i need that n i don't give a shit la if people ckp membazir. and and this sunday ada family gathering at my cousin's house. so maybe i can release my tension a bit at there. gosh! borink tahap cipan. tonite i have a tuition class (even this is hols day, shoot ahh!).

okay now onwards i will :

  • spend some money to buy twilight CD's
  • lose my weight agagagagaga :D (i will insyaAllah)
  • erm get my flying colours :) with study smart *wink*
  • and and jln2 smpi lebam with my kwn (nobody)

k got to go friends.i'll write more soon. arios.adios.sayonara.bbye buddy.(sambil pakai spek dan terus blah 8-D)